Guest Post: Giving Light

My wonderful friend, Katie, is hosting a Giving Light series on her blog. She started the series to bring positivity and beauty to the end of 2016. I love this idea and couldn’t help but contribute. Click here to go over to her blog and read my post about the five things I find beautiful right now and always. While you’re there, feel free to check out the other contributors in the series and her blog posts as well!

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Giving Thanks

giving thanks | confections of a dietitian

As the card at my seat for Thanksgiving dinner prompted me to think about what I was thankful for, I realized that I couldn’t fit it all into a few lines. Since Thanksgiving is all about food, as is this blog, I decided I could post pictures of our phenomenal Thanksgiving meal, write about everything I am thankful for and, therefore, pass it off as a blog post. Feel free to keep reading my sappy thoughts (holidays always make me sentimental) or just drool at all of the delicious food (if you’re not too stuffed yourself).


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Seoul Food- Part 2

Our food adventures in Seoul, South Korea were too delicious and fun to fit into one post. If you haven’t read about the first part of our trip, you can do so here.

Day 3

Coffee at Beansbins

Not wanting to miss out on the thousands of coffee shops around Seoul, we started off our morning at a coffee shop next to our train station. It’s a local chain with lots of fancier coffee options as well as a whole menu of waffles. We didn’t try the waffles, but they all sounded good (waffles topped with ice cream? Yes please!) I had gotten an Americano the afternoon prior and ended up with a mocha latte in the morning, thanks to a language barrier. It was good, even though it’s not what I wanted, but I liked Colin’s honey latte a lot more.

Morning snacks in Insadong

I was so excited to go to Insadong to walk around the stores and eat some street food. As I mentioned earlier, Seoul is late to wake up and that was obvious when we arrived at 10am to closed stores. Luckily, we didn’t have to wander for too long before everything started opening up. Our first food stop was for these hilarious pancakes.

poop cake | confections of a dietitian


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Seoul Food- Part 1

seoul dmz | confections of a dietitian

Seoul, South Korea has been on my Oki Travel Bucket List since we moved here. Unlike a lot of the other travel destinations in Asia, Seoul is only a 2 hour flight away from Oki. After spending a couple of months apart, Colin and I decided it would make for a perfect weekend getaway. All of our friends had wonderful things to say about Seoul and gave us great tips on where to stay, what to see and which restaurants to try. We fit a lot of fun into our weekend in Seoul, including a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) tour, sightseeing at palaces and a little shopping. Being the food lover that I am, one of the main highlights of the trip for me was the food. The Korean food we had was excellent, but we were also staying in Itaewon, the International district, so we were able to enjoy some of the foods we miss from home too.

From Korean BBQ to Mexican tacos, you’ll find our food itinerary below with a brief description and as much information about to how to find the restaurant as possible. All of these opinions are my own, but I encourage you to try any of these restaurants if you are traveling to Seoul. We loved them all!

Day 1

Dinner at Maple Tree House

korean bbq maple tree house | confections of a dietitian


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