Guest Post: Giving Light

My wonderful friend, Katie, is hosting a Giving Light series on her blog. She started the series to bring positivity and beauty to the end of 2016. I love this idea and couldn’t help but contribute. Click here to go over to her blog and read my post about the five things I find beautiful right now and always. While you’re there, feel free to check out the other contributors in the series and her blog posts as well!

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Giving Thanks

giving thanks | confections of a dietitian

As the card at my seat for Thanksgiving dinner prompted me to think about what I was thankful for, I realized that I couldn’t fit it all into a few lines. Since Thanksgiving is all about food, as is this blog, I decided I could post pictures of our phenomenal Thanksgiving meal, write about everything I am thankful for and, therefore, pass it off as a blog post. Feel free to keep reading my sappy thoughts (holidays always make me sentimental) or just drool at all of the delicious food (if you’re not too stuffed yourself).


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